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Waterproof Strap Furniture Cover Chair

COLOR: Burgundy

Price: $64.99

Sale: $29.00

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Our decorator-quality throw is streamlined, stylish, and waterproof. With specially bound seaming to prevent leakage and a waterproof laminated backing, it discreetly protects furniture from spills and accidents (plus pet hair, wear and tear). The beautiful quilted texture, lofty poly fill, and soft suede-like finish add designer style and ultimate comfort. Features a generous 39” backdrop with detachable stay-put strap. 100% polyester with 100% polyester fill and 100% polypropylene backing.

Overall Rating: 4.8
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  • What a godsend - and so comfy!

    A few months ago, my beloved old cat, aged almost 19 (which is something like 102 in human years) forgot to use his litterbox and peed on the sofa. Ewww! After extensive disinfection, fumigation and cushion-replacement, I bought this soft, plush and pretty sofa cover. Since then, Aged Kitty has had a few more accidents, but it's now easy to clean up after him! I am sure anyone who loves an elderly pet would love this cover. You just wash it on the Delicate cycle with a little Febreze, and it comes out perfect - while your couch cushions stay clean and dry. I love this cover, and so does Aged Kitty. Thanks to SureFit, he and his CatButler can still cuddle on our couch.

  • Excellent Quality!

    I bought this as I have cats and one is occasionally incontinent. This absolutely worked when he peed a little on the cover! Quality is amazing! Chocolate brown however shows all the dirt and hair though. I prefer the Taupe!

  • Saved My New Couch!

    I love these covers! Excellent quality and the look terriffic! I have an incontinent cat and it has literally saved my couch and loveseat! Would love a coupon code to order more! I am in Canada! I got the sofa cover for $38.00! Wish I had ordered more!

  • Lilly LOVES it!

    I bought a Sure Fit Waterproof Loveseat Furniture Cover - . when I started sharing my "King-Sized Dog Bed" with my 76 lb.rescue BFF, Lilly. She tends to slobber and lick the bed so this is perfect for keeping her side of the bed neat and protected. I've washed it once and it came out looking like new. Nothing but good things to say about it. Bought mine at Bed,Bath & Beyond and saved 15% with their coupon. Worth every penny at full price, too. (I just tuck the arm pieces under and it's fine - plus a little added protection.

  • These are awesome

    These covers really work. To be extra safe, we double up. They work like a charm. Our cat has peed on the couch several times and the couch has been saved. Highly recommend these -- especially to those who have cats.

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