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Form Fit Arm Shapes

Our stretch slipcovers fit most furniture styles and are perfect for hard-to-fit furniture.

Form Fit Round Arms Form Fit Narrow Arms Form Fit Angled Arms Form Fit Short Arms

Relaxed Fit Arm Shapes

Sometimes all it takes is a simple pleat or fold to fit your furniture right. Below are some examples of how to pleat your slipcover for the best look.

Relaxed Fit Round Arms Relaxed Fit Narrow Arms Relaxed Fit Angled Arms Relaxed Fit Short Arms
Casual draped arm. Pleated fabric inside arm. Pleated fabric outside arm. Pleated fabric inside and outside arm.

Ways to help you fit smaller furniture with simple pleats.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Smooth the fabric from the arm to the back. Hold the fabric above the tie. Pleat the fabric forward. Keep the hem even with the floor. Tie in place. Tuck the fabric into the shoulder of the couch.